David Hearn
Progressive Rock
A musician since the age of 10, David Hearn started his first band in 1980 with his good friend Henry "Skip" Flower. Later bands included Infinity, Matrix, Wax, and finally The Orion Syndrome.
As David's major influences are members of Pink Floyd, The Who, Rush, and the Moody Blues, he tends to write progressive rock; guitar & synth oriented material. The music can range from dark, brooding opuses to uplifting & hopeful pop tunes. The Moodies influence and the Pink Floyd influence are in constant battle!
The Orion Syndrome
Progressive Rock / Pop Vocals
The Orion Syndrome first appeared in the early 90's as a progressive synth & guitar based band, playing art-rock covers and originals in Orlando clubs.
Orion Starbirth
World / New Age Orion Starbirth is original world fusion and progressive rock music. Indigenous instruments such as the didgeridoo, Native American flutes, and Eastern Tibetan bells and percussion combine with electric and acoustic guitar and wind synthesizer to create a unique sound that can be exciting or mellow.
Old Days
25th Anniversary
Classic Rock, 50's
Infinity was our band in the late 80's, and was a tremendous lot of fun, with everyone in the band being good friends. The band had a large following, so every gig was well attended, and was a great time for all.

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