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New Beginnings
New Beginnings
MP3 – Full Album. New Beginnings was a transition not only in life but also to a new way of making music. Ethnic sounds combine with synth loops, a fresh approach on multiple layers of guitars, and dynamic percussion. $9.95
New Beginnings
The Magic Telescope
MP3 – Full Album. The Magic Telescope was an astronomy play to be distributed on DVD, as an astronomy outreach offering. These are the best music tracks from the play. $9.95
New BeginningsProcyon’s Penance MP3 – Full Album. Procyon's Penance is the 2002 offering from The Orion Syndrome.The album is a mix of Progressive Art Rock and World Beat music, with a touch of Science Fiction for good measure. $9.95
New Beginnings
Encounter with Infinity
MP3 – Full Album. If you are into amateur astronomy and like progressive rock and pop, this is the CD for you! There are LOTS of observing sound effects, recorded over many actual observing sessions out in Lake County, Florida in the 1993 timeframe. This is primarily a guitar album, but there are lots of great lyrics and a few sax solos. $9.95
New Beginnings
MP3 – Full Album. This is the band's offering from the 1993 timeframe, and the initial public release for the Orion Syndrome, distributed on cassette. Several new songs and some earlier ones from the Space Traveler album were combined to form an exciting debut album. Live studio musicians were used throughout, with elaborate synth sequences using some of the time's most advanced synthesizers, like the Roland D-50. $9.95
New Beginnings
Space Traveler
MP3 – Full Album. Space Traveler was intended to be the band's debut album, but it was never actually released and promoted, until now! $9.95
New Beginnings
Orion Starbirth
MP3 – Full Album. Orion Starbirth is original world fusion and progressive rock music. Indigenous instruments such as the didgeridoo, Native American flutes, and Eastern Tibetan bells and percussion combine with electric and acoustic guitar and wind synthesizer to create a unique sound that can be exciting or mellow. $9.95

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