The Orion Syndrome

The Orion Syndrome first appeared in the early 90's as a progressive synth & guitar based band, playing art-rock covers and originals in Orlando clubs.

The Orion Syndrome is the name under which David Hearn previously produced his music, as it was his performing band's name throughout the 90's. There were several incarnations of the band, with many talented musicians supporting his songwriting and sequencing.

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The Orion Syndrome Discography

CD Cover
Year Title Description
Procyon's Penance
Experiences with the Challenges of Life. Progressive Rock and World Music.
The Progressive Perspective
The Progressive Perspective is the Orion Syndrome's "progressive best" CD, that collects 13 of their progressive rock songs from the three original CDs. This great CD contains over an hour of music!
Encounter with Infinity
Encounter with Infinity expertly paints the whole experience of going out to a remote site to view the stars in an organized observing session.
Spacetime was the band's most recent effort before Encounter with Infinity. With almost 50 minutes of music, it is an elaborate view of space and time, and the emotions caused by both of them that tug on us all.
Space Traveler
This unusual album dealt with the moody science fiction concepts of an impending nuclear war in a futuristic space faring society, and the Space Traveler, who is attempting to make his escape.

The Orion Syndrome Band Members

Member Name
David Hearn
Guitars, Saxophones, Synths, Sequencing
Founder of the Orion Syndrome. Influences: David Gilmour, Pete Townshend, Alex Lifeson, Justin Hayward
Jason Boekelheide
Bass, live keyboards, background vocals
Awesome tour-de-force player during the clubbing days during 1990-1993. Alas, I never got him on any studio recordings.
Warren "Honeyhead" Smith
Drums, background vocals, humor
Another awesome musician that formed the power trio with Jason. Warren provided the percussion for a few of the songs on the SpaceTime album. He was also a general source of mayhem and humor during the gigs!
Lowell Teasdale
Recorded most of the basslines for the Space Traveler album, back in 1987.
Mark McKenzie
Recorded some of the original music for the Space Traveler album, back in 1987. Mark was a very reliable musician and a good friend.
Jimmy Miller
Bass, background vocals
Fill-in bassist during the clubbing days. Some of the best live recordings we have were from when Jimmy was with us.
David Robinson
Fill-in drummer during the clubbing days. David was very accurate when working with the click.

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