Space Traveler - The Orion Syndrome

Space Traveler was intended to be the band's debut album, but it was never actually released and promoted, until now!
Several of these songs were written with my best friend Henry "Skip" Flower in the early 80s.
Most of the tracks on this album ended up on Spacetime. As on Spacetime, live studio musicians were used throughout,
with elaborate synth sequences using some of the time's most advanced synthesizers.
Most of this album was recorded and mastered in professional studios throughout Central Florida.
Over 100 hours were spent in the original 16 track studio creating some of the tracks found on this album.
The first three tracks below are essentially the Spacetime outtakes, but they are all excellent songs.

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Original Album
Song Name
Length Genre

Space Traveler
Progressive Rock
The title track deals directly with the heavy subject matter of a lonely man who is escaping his world, on the brink of a full thermonuclear war. Several plaintive Sax solos add emotion to this somber soundscape. This is one of my favorites - my first fully produced original song!

Premonition - Acid Rain
Progressive Rock
Unquestionably the heaviest song I have ever written. A full 10 minutes in length, it deals with the aftermath of a nuclear war. The opus starts out with a long spacey synth intro with bomb explosions, punctuating a somber EWI lead. Acid Rain starts at 2:50. Sax solos and powerful Floydian guitar solos along with the heavy lyrics give this song epic proportions. It got left off of Spacetime because it was too long (and, I thought, a bit too dark & heavy, and somewhat depressing). But now you can hear it.

Desperation's Time
Progressive Rock
This was originally an incomplete (but well produced) demo with just rhythm guitar, a tambourine for rhythm, a cool guitar lead, and actually very good vocals. I've since completed it by adding drums and bass.

One Light Year At A Time
Jazz / Pop Vocals
This song was originally written for the Space Traveler album, and is about a Space Traveler who has lost his homeworld and is looking for another one. Cool jazzy rhythm guitar and sax solo. A very neat concept!

Earthbound Man
Pop Vocals
The most pop oriented material on the Spacetime album. This one deals with the lamentable realization that we in this generation will never experience space travel. You'll hear beautiful 12 string acoustic guitar rhythms, thoughtful lyrics, double leads, three part harmony, and cool synth patches. This song was originally written for the Space Traveler album.

Castles in the Void
Progressive Rock Another holdover from the Space Traveler album, this one is a futuristic view on the need for solitude. Sometimes we hate to be alone, but in other instances we truly crave it. A cool delayed guitar rhythm and heavy feedback a la Dave Gilmour (remember "Blue Light"?) gives this one a decidedly Floydian feel.

Slow Boat to Centauri
Progressive Rock A fourth song from the Space Traveler album. This one is about fleeing a world about to undergo the throes of a full nuclear exchange, and is essentially an escapism concept. Very heavy with layered guitars, feedback, and a powerful ending with the final power chord decaying into the primordial soup!

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