Encounter with Infinity - The Orion Syndrome

If you are into amateur astronomy and like progressive rock and pop, this is the CD for you!
There are LOTS of observing sound effects, recorded over many actual observing sessions out in Lake County, Florida in the 1993 timeframe.
This is primarily a guitar album, but there are lots of great lyrics and a few sax solos.
This is a one man album; David Hearn did all performances, vocals, sequencing, mixing, and production himself.
Some songs and individual takes were done in the 1995 timeframe, and completed in 2000. There are at least two songs that were done entirely in 2000.

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Original Album
Song Name
Length Genre

Weather Report
Progressive Rock / Jazz
We're listening to the weather radio, and it's a clear sky forecast! This song definitely have some obvious Rush influence. Lots of cool sound effects (SFX) at the beginning of this one. It starts out kind of jazzy, and picks up after we hear the good report!

Telescopic Machine, Part 1
Progressive Rock
Here we're loading up all the telescope equipment for the ride out to the observing site. A cool delayed guitar roams around in the background under B3 organ rhythms and a Floydian guitar lead.

Pilgrimage to the Dark Zone
Progressive Rock
A major rocker! This one has elaborate B3 organ solos, a sax solo, and multiple guitar solos, climaxing in a Who inspired finale! This portrays the riproaring drive out to the observing site. Gotta beat the sunset!

The Telescopic Machine, Part 2
Progressive Rock
We've arrived at the site and have to set up all the equipment. Back in the days when the SFX accompanying this song were recorded, I had a very large scope that took significant effort to assemble. The guitar leads in this one are right out of 1960's Pink Floyd.

Watchin' the Stars Tonight
Pop Vocals
A very happy, upbeat song with three part harmony and singing guitar leads. This one's about the comeraderie and friendship that exists between observers while doing our favorite pastime.

The Sun Slips Away
Pop Vocals
A Moody Blues inspired song that shows the emotion packed event of a sunset under a clear blue sky, out in the country before the observing begins. Three part harmonies, double guitar leads, and hopeful, upbeat lyrics make this one a truly great song.

The Celestial Show Begins / Meteor Storm
Progressive Rock
A complex orchestral piece, complete with tympanis, strings, flutes, and brass, a guitar lead and cool SFX. Transitioning into Meteor Storm is a long SFX section, of someone changing channels on a TV, looking for something interesting. They stop at the news broadcast of "a comet breaking up". Meteor Storm is the climax of the album, with major guitar leads, cool lyrics, and a great SFX section in the middle with all the "oohs" and "aahs" of the observers watching all the fireballs. What a night it was!

Progressive Rock
This song simulates the photons accumulating on the film over a long time exposure of a faint nebula. The beginning is very delicate like the original impacts of the first photons on the film's surface. As the image grows, so does the intensity of the song. The end positively rages!

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