Orion Starbirth

Orion Starbirth is original world fusion and progressive rock music. Indigenous instruments such as the didgeridoo, Native American flutes, and Eastern Tibetan bells and percussion combine with electric and acoustic guitar and wind synthesizer to create a unique sound that can be exciting or mellow.

This effort is the wonderful collaboration that occurred in the mid 90's between David Hearn AKA The Orion Syndrome, and Martin Schiff, AKA Starbirth. They combined the names of the two projects and a beautiful thing was born.

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Orion Starbirth Discography

CD Cover
Year Title Description
Orion Starbirth (Eponymous)
This eponymous CD contains 8 tracks of eclectic mixes of ancient instruments and state of the art synthesizers and effects. This music truly needs to be experienced!

The Orion Syndrome Band Members

Member Name
David Hearn
Guitars, Saxophones, Synths, Sequencing
AKA The Orion Syndrome. Influences: David Gilmour, Pete Townshend, Alex Lifeson, Justin Hayward.
Martin Schiff
Didgeridoos, Native American Flutes, Percussion, Keyboards, and Arranging
AKA Starbirth. Martin's music is definitely cool Electronica and sublime indigenous World music, and is highly recommended.

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