Eponymous - Orion Starbirth

Orion Starbirth is original world fusion and progressive rock music. Indigenous instruments such as the didgeridoo, Native American flutes, and Eastern Tibetan bells and percussion combine with electric and acoustic guitar and wind synthesizer to create a unique sound that can be exciting or mellow.

This effort is the wonderful collaboration that occurred in the mid 90's between David Hearn AKA The Orion Syndrome, and Martin Schiff, AKA Starbirth. They combined the names of the two projects and a beautiful thing was born.

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Original Album
Song Name
Length Genre

Relax and enjoy this beautiful combination of acoustic 12 string guitar, didgeridoo and piano. Close your eyes and be swept away on a magic "Arabian" carpet.

Canyon Journey
Journey through the canyons of your mind. An eclectic mix of digeridoos, shakers, american flutes, floydian guitars and synth.

The Cheyenne have a legend concerning the flute. That it was created by a woodpecker on a tree branch, and a young indian boy heard the wind blowing through it and gathered it as the first flute. This song is in commemoration of that event.

Progressive Rock / World
This song simulates the photons accumulating on the film over a long time exposure of a faint nebula.

War Dance
Step on to the dance floor for a War Dance! This one contains cool Earth drum beats, didge solos, and synth leads.

Autumn Evening
World / Jazz Fusion
A cool evening ride through the country with your top down! A crisp 12 string guitar sets the background with hand drums and percussion, while a fretless bass meanders around. A didgeridoo punctuates the rhythm, then gets wild in a central solo. After the didge man works himself into a frenzy, a great guitar lead finishes off the song.

Journey to Mars
Progressive Rock
Get on board the Mars shuttle and sit back for the trip of your life. A spacey synth starts this one out, then the Floydian guitar appears! Didgeridoo basslines intertwined with delayed guitar rhythms make this one a spooky tune!

Meteor Storm
Progressive Rock
Meteor Storm is the climex of the album, with major guitar leads, cool lyrics, and a great SFX section in the middle with all the "oohs" and "aahs" of the observers watching all the fireballs. What a night it was!

Didge Rock
World / Rock
The Slide Didge player meets a rock guitar master and the result...Listen and find out!

Into the Light
World / Rock Leave the darkness of the Tunnel, and step Into the Light. An eclectic combination of didgeridoo, electronic effects, wind Synthesizer, electric 6 string and acoustic 12 string guitars, along with latin and eastern percussion makes this song a keeper. Martin Schiff provides expert slide didge playing throughout this piece.

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