Infinity was our band in the late 80's, and was a tremendous lot of fun, with everyone in the band being good friends. The band had a large following, so every gig was well attended, and was a great time for all.

Infinity was (primarily) Darryl Schick on lead vocals and guitar, Mike Lenoir on keyboards and excellent vocals, Bruce Moia on bass, Rich Andrews on drums, and Dave Hearn on guitar, sax, and vocals. Other great members joined the band over the years. The band played classic rock in clubs around Melbourne, FL in the late 80s. A later version of the band played 50's music, and played at some large venues for company parties.

We recently reunited for a one night 25th Anniversary Party at Rich's in December 2012.
It was absolutely wonderful to see everyone and play as a band again!

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Infinity Discography

CD Cover
Year Title Description
Infinity 25th
2012 25th Anniversary Party
These are recordings from the Infinity 25 Year reunion in December 2012. It was a wonderful night, seeing old friends and playing as a band again.
These are the recordings of the 50's version of Infinity, all recorded at the 1988 Harris company Picnic.
Gettin' Tight
These are some of the best (or just great) recordings that I have of Infinity, toward the end of the great few years that we had together as a rock band. As Bryan Adams said: "Those were the Best Years of My Life!"
Coming of Age
In this collection, Infinity really started to gain some of the characteristics that made it the versatile band that it would become. New songs from Billy Joel, Bruce Springsteen, and Dire Straits gave the band more of a pop feel.
Fine Tuning
This collection shows the band trying even more new styles, and gaining experience learning each other's playing and singing abilities.
The Early Years
This collection is the earliest recordings of Infinity, mostly with Darryl, Dave, Rich, and some with Wade. These recordings are pretty raw - the garage band in all it's glory!

The Infinity Band Members

Member Name
Darryl Schick
Lead Vocals, Guitar
Darryl was our personable frontman and guitarist, and he effectively led us through all the gigs. He had a unique and memorable singing voice, and did particularly well with the 50's material. His major influence was Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band. He did the majority of the booking of the gigs. We have stayed in contact over the years and more recently have gotten reaquainted on Facebook.
Mike Lenoir
Vocal Harmonies, Piano
Mike was our excellent piano & keyboard player and harmonizer extraodinaire. Mike helped everyone with the three part harmonized vocals in all our songs, and was also involved in a barbershop quartet. Mike's main influence was Elton John. Mike was a great friend, and I have kept in touch with him over the years.
Dave Hearn
Guitar, Sax, Vocals
In the Infinity days, I was the rhythm / lead guitarist, and sax man. The years with Infinity was a period when I was just starting to come out of my shell, and the great friendships with the other guys helped me to be the musician I am today.
Rich Andrews
Drums & Percussion
Rich was our excellent drummer, and had a great love for classic rock music. Nearly all of our rehearsals (and some really great parties!) were held over at Rich's place.
Bruce Moia
Bass, Vocals
Bruce was our mirthful bass player. Some of his greatest vocals were his imitations of Mark Knopfler of Dire Straits. My best memories of Bruce were from some of the house parties where he was a lot of fun.
Mark McKenzie
Drums & Percussion
Mark "Spuds" McKenzie was our great drummer during the 50's band years. Mark was a very accurate drummer and a good friend.
Rick Wilson
Bass, Vocals
Rick was the Infinity Bassman during the 50's band years. My best memory of Rick is when we did Chantilly Lace and he started out the vocals with "HELLO BAYBEH!"
Spencer Allen
Spencer was our keyboard player that took over after Mike left. He played with us for the last 6 months or so before the Rock version of Infinity broke up. I've connected with him on Facebook in the last year or so.
Tim <Bassist>
Bass, Mayhem
Tim was our original bass player in the early years of Infinity, and was a total wildman as I can remember!
Wade <Drummer>
Wade was our original drummer, when Darryl & I first met in 1985. He was a huge Police / Stuart Copeland fan.

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