The Magic Telescope - An Astronomy Play by David Hearn

The Magic Telescope was an astronomy play to be distributed on DVD, as an astronomy outreach offering.
Although the DVD never made it to market due to legal issues, the music from the play is available here.

The marketing hook line was:
Join us on a rollicking adventure to the mountains of the moon, and come along with Sara, Molly, and Brooke, the Magic Telescope girls. Molly has just received a new telescope for her birthday. But what she doesn’t realize is that it has magical powers, even beyond her wildest dreams...

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Original Album
Song Name
Length Genre

The Magic Telescope Theme
This is the music behind the title sequence of The Magic Telescope, a pilot episode for a astronomy outreach DVD series.

Sara's Theme
Acoustic / Children
Harmonized accoustic guitars, piano, pan flutes, synth, and bass
create a cute children's song.
Has somewhat of a medieval or celtic feel.

Dancin' on the Moon
Pop / Dance
This pop powerhouse combines female kid's vocals, harmonies, sax solos, guitar solos, with an almost 60's dance party feel to it, but with a 2010 feel.

It's Good to Be Home
New Age
This mellow theme features a whistle as a lead, played over an arpeggiated 12 string, with symphonic string pads played in the back. Possibly the best melody on the CD.

Observing the Moon
New Age
Spacy piece with synth pads in the background, and wind synth leads throughout. A delayed mellow double guitar lead appears toward the end.

To the Moon
Clearly the best song on the album. Inspired guitar leads and Rush-like power chords celebrate the major achievements of the lunar space program. Sound effects of lunar landings, launches and famous Kennedy speeches make this a memorable composition.

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